Dynon Wools are not shed buyers or auction sellers, rather we offer a direct market approach, selling via negotiation to the exporters and local Australian manufacturers using full AWTA test results. Our speed and agility to have your wool ready for sale is unsurpassed. By owning and operating our own independent wool store in Laverton North, Victoria (located in the Melbourne wool zone and close to Melbourne ports where the majority of Australian wool is shipped from) we can make savings which means more on your bottom line. 

This also means your wool is under our control as soon as it arrives to our store, and doesn’t travel down a path of third parties. This guarantees your wool is safe and we will make payment 48 hours after confirmation of sale. 


  • Payment 48 hours after confirmation of sale of your wool.

  • Deal direct with the owners.

  • In-house handling & testing allows for more competitive pricing.

  • You can sell your wool any time you like – no need to wait in line for the next available sale.

  • You are directly involved in the sale of your wool.

  • We sell your wool as if it were ours.
  • Have you ever wanted to know where your wool goes? If so we have direct export orders from all major wool consuming markets.

  • Our business is to keep you in business. We do this by simply keeping change of wool ownership as cheap and uncomplicated as possible. 

  • We give you a nett price in your hand less AWI 2% wool levy for your wool. So don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes. 

  • Give us a go. You won’t be disappointed.!!!!
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