Dynon Wools specialises in the supply of greasy, scoured and carbonised wools for both the woollen and spinning sectors.

By using our extensive buying network both domestically and abroad we are able to deliver wools fully up to client’s specifications on time every time and as we are NON-SHED BUYERS & NON-AUCTION SELLERS we sell via negotiation directly to the exporters using full AWTA test results, meaning you get the highest returns and the lowest charges.
Dynon Wools

This Direct Market System means:

  • Wool is lotted and full AWTA Test Approved

  • Prices are negotiated between buyer and Exporter (Dynon Wools) with grower consultation and approval

  • Contracts are exchanged and containers packed by Dynon Wools.

  • Flat rate of $25 per bale + Freight = AWTA charges + AWI Levy

  • Payment is made within 48 hours

  • Full Sheep’s back to export insurance
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